Improv for Stress with Tessa Ricci, Liberty Improv Theater

Saturday May 11, 1-3pm, Delaware History Museum, $25

This workshop is open to any individual looking to gain new perspective on stress and anxiety in their everyday life. We will dive into how improv can help you counteract those stressful moments. Stress doesn't have to be a way of life. By practicing mindfulness, staying in touch with your body, and taking the time to connect with others, that feeling of overwhelm will loosen its grip. At an Improv for Stress workshop, you'll learn how to:

Approach each moment with mindfulness and improve focus

Listen, process, and respond without judgment of yourself or others

Worry less about outcome, and appreciate the journey

Get out of your head and into the moment


Liberty Improv Theater is first and foremost a community. We aim to be inclusive to anyone looking to get creative, build confidence, and make connections through improv comedy. Our philosophy and curriculum explores connecting more deeply with yourself in order to then connect more openly and authentically with others both on and off stage.


Tessa Ricci has studied, performed, and taught improv in San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia. As Executive Director at Liberty Improv Theater, she explores an intersection of her passions - comedy, education, and community-building. With an educational background in Psychological Services and her personal journey through mindfulness-based stress reduction, Tessa combines her studies and previous experiences to apply improv specifically to stress and anxiety.